Advisory & Consulting

Salesforce Advisory & Consulting transform your business with the guidance of our certified industry experts to align with your business objectives

What we Do as your

Advisory & Consulting Partner


Advisory and consulting division help you develop highly efficacious, out-of-the-box solutions to overcome your business challenges, rapidly at lowest cost


We transform your business by assisting you in your pre sales, sales and post sales business challenges.


Our SA&C (Salesforce Advisory and Consulting) Division ensures comprehensive requirement assessment is done to narrow down to most optimal solutions


We ensure that you get a delightful Customer experience after engaging with us. What we make sure ? "Everyone Wins"

Transform Your Salesforce Experience

with TechParrot's Advisory Offering

Add and assess the current state of your business–and help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your strengths & weaknesses, threats that exist and opportunities to help you overcome them

Evaluate your current CRM landscape & determine whether it’s the right fit for your needs

Learn how to use technology to automate & elevate all aspects of your business–including business processes related to marketing, sales, customer service, any Salesforce solutions which your business uses

Develop a long-term strategy to boost productivity & sales, streamline business operations & reduce costs Stay ahead of the curve with top insights & best practices

Build a custom training & user adoption plan that prepares your team with the know-how, tools & strategies they need most to use Salesforce every day

Maximize your Salesforce ROI

Discovery and Assessment Phase adopts Agile scrum methodology


Define Minimum Viable Outcome as part of  Discovery and assessment phase


Use of “Top 5” challenges method to define Minimum viable outcome

Presenting the facts and figures from the assessment session

Document  discovery and assessment findings

Assist you with cost benefit analysis

Advisory recommendation based on the assessment review


ROI Summary

Next step action plan


Program charter


Project Planing

TechParrot Differentiators
What else We do

Revitalize Your Salesforce Strategy with Our Comprehensive Range of Services

Our experienced consultants analyze your business requirements and devise a comprehensive strategy to leverage the full potential of Salesforce products. We ensure a hassle-free implementation by preparing your Salesforce instance and Our comprehensive implementation services also include user training to ensure swift user adoption and full utilization of the platform.

Transform Your Salesforce Products to Meet Your Unique Business Requirements with TechParrot’s Customization and Development Services Leveraging Platform. Our Range of Services Utilizes the LWC/Aura Framework for Enhanced User Experience and Native App Customization

Our unique service model is designed to adapt to your ever-changing business needs, providing flexible and cost-effective support without the need for a full-time Salesforce administrator. With our pay-as-you-use model, you can receive real-time support from our certified Salesforce admins and solution architects whenever you need it. We understand the intricacies and nuances of Salesforce and work closely with you to align our services with your unique business needs.

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